Thursday, 5 January 2012

Law 2 - The Law of Reciprocity

Reciprocity is an interesting word. It means that if I willingly do something for someone else then they feel inclined or even willing to do something for me in return - but by giving back even more than what I may originally have given them.

It's kind of programmed into most of us to 're-dress the balance' of things.

Of course we will always meet those who are so ignorant or selfish that they are only interested in themselves and see whatever we might do for them as a right. However, they can quickly and effortlessly be dispensed with - we don't need them in either our professional or personal circles.

But for most normal people - we feel inclined to give in return, if someone gives to us first.

A classic example of this principle used in business is where there are 'sampling stalls' in super markets or stores.  We are encouraged to sample the merchandise and - when we do - we often feel happy to buy some of the product and take it home with us. Result for the product promoter!

In the Middle East many carpet sellers welcome you into their stalls with a cup of sweet tea as an offering. They are not just being polite - they are also preparing you to feel indebted... and therefore more likely to buy.

Think about what you can freely give to your prospects and clients. Maybe even things which may not cost you a great deal but which may be seen to have real value in the mind of the client or the prospect. Time, knowledge or even a useful referral. Let the client know that you have them in mind.

By doing so not only are you being of service to your client, you are also piling up the value which at some point they may wish to return by way of reciprocation or 'balancing up' the 'value equation' between you. It could be just the thing to tip that important deal or access to another important prospect that is a member of their circle sometime.

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